20 July 2024,   16:59
Members of the Pardon Commission leave - president`s administration starts working on new composition

President"s administration has started working on staffing of the pardon commission. The administration confirms the fact that several members of the commission left on their own wish, including the head of the commission Zviad Koridze and the Executive Director of Transparency International - Georgia, Eka Gigauri.
Koridze explained the reasons of the decision. According to him, the Pardon Commission is the advisory body of the President and it is composed with trusted persons of the President, so he considered it necessary to leave the Commission. According to Zviad Koridze, if Salome Zourabichvili had asked him to stay in the pardon commission, he would not agree.
"Why is such a commission important? These are the people who have a valuable unity with the President, the President shares the vision of these people and the second -there is mutual trust, "- Zviad Koridze said.
Courier talked to Eka Gigauri. According to her, the new president should be able to select the members of the commission herself, so she left the commission of pardon.
Whether other members of the Commission will be in Salome Zurabishvili"s team is not known yet. The President is grateful to the old composition of the commission.
According to "Courier", the writer Basa Janikashvili left the composition of the commission though it has not yet been checked with him.
"Rustavi 2" contacted another member of the commission Lia Mukhashavria. She said in a telephone interview that she had not written a statement about leaving the commission.If it is my wish to stay, then I will think about it. So far I think we have finished working with President Margvelashvili. I do not have any communication, I have not made any attempts, "Mukhashavria said.