23 July 2024,   18:52
Another scandal of "Georgian Dream" - Popkhadze says Talakvadze and Mdinaradze asked to refrain from comment on the list of judges

" Achiko and Mamuka called me and asked me not to make a statement ,"- MP Gedevan Popkhadze said in a phone interview with "Courier".

According to him, Archil Talakvadze and Mamuka Mdinaradze had called him when the Supreme Council of Justice was taking decision on judges and asked him to refrain from comments.
According to Eka Beselia teammate, the leaders of the "Georgian Dream" asked to refrain from negative comments till the final decision.

Gedevan Popkhadze notes that the leader of the parliamentary majority and the chairman of the faction "Georgian Dream" were asking and not demanding.