20 July 2024,   16:36
"The faction has taken the right decision" - Gia Volsky on Gedevan Popkhadze I

Irakli Kobakhidze has been meeting with the members of the parliamentary majority for several hours. The meeting was attended by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Gia Volsky.
The MP responded to the decision of the Georgian Dream faction, according to which Gedevan Popkhadze, a supporter of Eka Beselia, was recalled from the Legal Issues Committee.
Gia Volsky estimates that this was the right decision.Gia Volski does not call the current confrontation in the ruling team a "crisis".
" It can not be called crisis. There is one important factor that characterizes the Georgian Dream - there are no topics that are not made public and I think that"s right. This degree of transparency is often quite scandalous. This topic of appointing the judges and the issues of appointment in the committee is really important. My point of view is that there were some procedural violations and I think that the made decision was politically incorrect, unacceptable to the faction. Therefore, I think the faction has made the right decision, "- Gia Volsky said.
The last confrontation between the leaders of the Georgian Dream was caused by the list of the Supreme Court judges submitted by the High Council of Justice .
The chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee left the position and said that the reason was the submitted list of life term judges.Chairman of the Parliament called the statement of Eka Beselia illogical. After that, the ruling team split into several camps. Beselia"s supporters, adversaries and MPs who do not belong to any group.
After the resignation of Beselia, the members of the committee elected Gedevan Popkhadze who is a member of Eka Beselia"s group as the first deputy chairperson of the committee but the members of the Georgian Dream faction accused Beselia of violating the Rules of Procedure and after the meeting held yesterday, Popkhadze was recalled from the committee.