20 July 2024,   16:21
Head of pension agency responds to Elisashvili"s accusations and demand for suspension of pension program

The head of the pension agency responds to accusation of Aleko Elisashvili.
According to Levan Surguladze, the protection of the money collected by the population will be the state and the agency. However, the head of the agency can not specify where and how this amount will be invested as the special group is not yet created.
"These pension contributions will be controlled by an independent risk control structure at each transaction level. Consequently, all the safeguards in this regard guarantee that these funds will be invested only in good financial instruments. I do not think any government can make such a good reform reversal and cancel it because it brings a lot of benefits to the population. Just a large part of the population is not informed about what benefits that they will receive, how will their assets be protected and consequently they have some questions, "said Levan Surguladze.
Leader of the Civil Movement Aleko Elisashvili demanded the suspension of pension reform.
Aleko Elisashvili compared the scheme of accumulative pension to the case of depositors and says that after years new Vano Chkhartishvili will appear again, who will leave the population without the accumulated pension.According to the leader of the civic movement, they have studied the pension reform scheme, which has no connection with the reform and the government is trying to deceive people.