18 July 2024,   06:10
People often make mistakes on the emotional background - Kobakhidze on Beselia

A confrontation in the ruling team continues. It is not clear whether the parliamentary majority has agreed on the controversial issues.
The Chairman of the Parliament once again makes explanations about the current situation. Irakli Kobakhidze says that negotiations about Beselia"s resignation have started earlier than Eka Beselia says.

According to him, a disagreement between Eka Beselia and a part of the ruling team started in August.
Irakli Kobakhidze recalls that Eka Beselia a post of vice-speaker was offered to Eka Beselia and her cabinet was being prepared. However, she refused this offer.
According to the Chairman of the Parliament, he is ready for dialogue and negotiations with Beselia.
"People often make mistakes on the emotional background and we see this in case of specific lawmakers even today. I would like to call them not to act on the basis of emotions and in such case, they will not make further mistakes," says Irakli Kobakhidze.