14 July 2024,   05:17
The list of judges should be recalled ... My next steps depend on this - Beselia speaks about the list of judges

Eka Beselia puts up ultimatum to the ruling team and demands in a categorical manner to withdraw a list of judges nominated by the High Council of Justice .
Beselia says that no one can change her opinion about the list of judges and will do its best to defend her position.
"This list should be withdrawn, the parliament will not support this list, I am confident in this and we will do everything for the parliament as an institution to preserve its dignity and to show that it is not a body which can make decisions of national importance and the majority is the political team, which fulfills its commitment to his own people? My next steps are dependent on this decision, "Eka Beselia said.
Eka Beselia has quit the position of the chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee and named as the reason the list of the judges nominated by the High Council of Justice.