13 July 2024,   19:27
Life term Judges of the Supreme Court - NGOs call on the Parliament to recall back the list

The civil sector is calling on the Parliament to withdraw the list of lifetime judges in the Supreme Court.
The heads of non-governmental organizations, who have been reporting earlier on Eka Beselia, say that the list submitted to the legislative body is prepared by a narrow group of judges and poses a serious threat to the judicial system.
"A narrow group nominated candidates for the judges that they wanted to see in the Supreme Court. Today there is no procedure council how to choose dignified candidates in court, so if this procedure is not established, we will probably get the same result.We did not explicitly hear from the Parliament what they think or what they intend to do. We call on the Parliament to start working on this issue in the nearest future, "- Sopho Verdzeuli said.
The civil sector names as the main problem the law with quite vague explanatory regulations on procedures for the selection of judges.