20 July 2024,   01:40
List of judges should not be approved by the Parliament- Nazi Janezashvili

The non-judicial members of the Council of Justice speak about the need to recall back the list of candidates for supreme judges.
Nazi Janezashvili says that the list sent to the legislative body damages the country"s image and threatens the court system.Whether this issue will be discussed in the board itself is not yet known.
"Parliament needs to take into consideration the opinion of the public, listen to the people and withdraw the list that can not endure criticism. Because I think that the Supreme Court needs to be saved. If the Supreme Court gets in the hands of Chinchaladze, I think that the court system will not be able to get out of the swamp in which it is, "said Nazi Janezashvili.
The High Council of Justice named candidates for the Supreme Court judges on December 24, 2018. There are ten people in the list:Mariam Tsiskadze, Nino Kadagidze, Mikheil Chinchaladze, Paata Silagadze, Dimitri GvritishviliMerab Gabinashvili, Nino Sandodze, Tamar Alania, Giorgi Tkavadze, Giorgi Mikautadze