13 July 2024,   19:15
Accused of beating a physician- actor Rezo Nasidze was sentenced to 5 thousand GEL bailr

Actor Rezo Nasidze has been sentenced to 5 thousand GEL bail as a preventive measure. The decision has been made by the judge recently. The actor will be under surveillance until he pays the bail.
The incident occurred a few days ago in St. Michael"s clinic . Nasidze was detained on the basis of court verdict.The hospital"s medical staff claims that the patient was demanding drugs, which were not necessary with his diagnosis, and after he was refused, he physically assaulted the doctor.The different version of the incident have the family members of the actor. Nasidze"s mother claims that her son was asking not a drug but a painkiller. She accuses doctors of provoking the incident.