13 July 2024,   20:22
Tragedy in Didi Dighomi - Construction Company imposes responsibility on the incident on "KazTransGas"

The company"s representatives, who have built a block of flats in Avtandil street 8, made the first comment only 18 hours after the explosion. The director of "L Group" imposes full responsibility on the explosion on "KazTransGas" and says that the building was built in compliance with all the norm.
L-Group representative explains that the gas distribution company has been contacted since he felt the strong smell of gas in the building. The head of the construction company has already given testimony and handed over the documents confirming the contract signed with "KazTransGas".
Representatives of "KaztransGas" arrived a the site of explosion today. However, none of them was a member of the group which was on the call yesterday.Residents of the block of flats also impose responsibility on "KazTransGas".
The locals confirm that the company representatives immediately called them to check when the smell of gas was felt, but representatives of "KazTransGas" did not react.
According to preliminary information, the explosion occurred in the building due to gas leakage.The explosion which occurred in Didi Dighomi damaged adjacent buildings and cars in the yard. At this time rescuers are working and cleaning works are underway.
The explosion occurred at Avtandili N 8 at 9 pm yesterday. The tragedy killed 4 people, including one child.