27 October 2020,   16:05
Occupants in Khurvaleti were supposedly preparing to install wire fences

Russian occupants are not in Khurvaleti at this time, however, the traces in the locals" garden indicate that the occupation regime was preparing to install new wire fences in the village.
Georgian law enforcers allowed the monitoring group and journalists for a short time in Khurvaleti and allowed them to see the area where locals saw the occupants yesterday.According to them, the gardens are sprung, indicating that the occupation regime has cleaned this area for new wire fences, but after the civil sector and Georgian law enforcers intervened, they retreated.
At this time, the presence of the occupants is not observed in villages nearby Gori, but the police forces still remains in place.Entry into Khurvalet is still limited.Members of the anti-occupational movement are patrolling the village.
Four members of the anti-occupation movement and journalists were allowed into the village of Khurvaleti. They entered the area in police cars .