06 October 2022,   20:04
The final goal is clearly stated - this is membership in the EU - Davit Zalkaliani

International Conference "Georgia"s European Way" was officially opened in Batumi. The President of the Council of Europe Donald Tusk is participating in it. He is one of those high-level delegates who will attend the conference. The theme of the conversation is the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership.
Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani said that participants of the conference will talk about future plans and goals. According to him, the final goal is to join the EU.
"Georgia, which is recognized by all as a leader in the region, as the leading country among the Eastern Partners, based on the results of the Association Agreement, Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade, Unification in the Energy Community, the establishment of a variety of formats that were created only for Georgia, safe Dialogue, this is the important tangible results we will discuss today, but we will also talk about future plans. We need to see how we should go, how to prepare functionally for the ultimate purpose of the country, the ultimate goal is clearly stated - this is membership in the EU, "Davit Zalkaliani said.