14 August 2022,   03:50
"We do not have the right to give in or step aside in this fight" - statement of founders of Rustavi 2

Founders of the "Rustavi 2" broadcasting company Levan Karamanishvili, Giorgi Karamanishvili and Nikoloz Nakopia as the representatives of the TV company Sakartvelo have released a statement.
They express gratitude to Rustavi 2 employees and note that the fight continues. The statement says that all legal ways will be used to restore justice.
"We appeal to the society and each employee of " Rustavi 2. "A week has passed since the publication of the Strasbourg Court decision which before the entry into force, Ivanishvili"s Minister of Justice, Tea Tsulukiani, enforced in four hours after the announcement.
I should mention that all who care for the freedom of our country, a democratic future and freedom of speech and freedom of expression were shocked with inexplicable decision of the judges- the decision, which selectively cites evidence, does not discuss the key factual and legal issues (such as our bona fide purchaser status), and says, that"s what we all saw live on TV was not a violation of the right to a fair trial. We want to thank every "Rustavi 2" employee - the best team, that in the last years has stood on the guard of freedom and democracy on the background of great pressure, objectively covering current events in the country. We would like to thank Nika Gvaramia for being a central figure in this fight.
However, this is not a farewell thank you, friends. This is gratitude for the struggle carried out up to now since the fight continues and continues until victory.
In addition, we would like to call on all potential "buyers" to refrain from acquiring the disputable property because they will be considered as unscrupulous buyers. We will use all legal ways and apply to all legitimate methods for restoration of justice both in the Grand Chamber of the European Court, as well as in the Courts of Georgia. We are hopeful and confident that all the above-mentioned circumstances will be taken into consideration in the Grand Chamber and will be thoroughly studied. In this struggle, we have no right to resign, despair or retreat. Together we will win, "- is said in the statement.