02 December 2021,   04:12
Police solved case of murder in Kutaisi committed under aggravating circumstances – one person detained

Police detained D.K. (DoB 1989) for murder committed under aggravating circumstances. Committed crime envisages from 13 to 17 years of imprisonment.

Investigation established that being under the alcohol influence, on the basis of conflict, detainee inflicted multiple injuries with firearm to his father – A.K. (DoB 1968) in front of his house.

The wounded person was transferred to the hospital by the ambulance, however he died shortly after being admitted at the treating facility.

Law enforcers managed to detain D.K. several hours later after the crime took place.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of murder committed against family member, under aggravating circumstances, article 111 -109, II part, sub-paragraph “F” of the Criminal Code of Georgia.