04 December 2021,   05:34
Israeli Prosecutor’s Office plans to indict a close relative of Davit Kezerashvili and his three business partners

According to the Israeli media, the Israeli prosecutor’s office plans to indict Mikhael Benimini and his three business partners. Benimini is a close relative of Davit Kezerashvili. The article published by the Times of Israel reads as follows:

“The state prosecutor’s office for tax and financial crimes on Tuesday informed Gal Hirsch, a former IDF general and withdrawn candidate for police commissioner, that it is considering indicting him and three others, pending a hearing, for tax crimes that allegedly took place in 2007-2009.

According to the state prosecutor, the four men — Hirsch, Oded Shachnai, Yaniv Adam and Mikhael Benimini — were partners in Defensive Shield, a company that provided defense advice and military training and brokered arms sales to Georgia, and also provided services to other countries between 2007 and 2009.

Prosecutors allege that the men collectively enriched themselves to the tune of about USD 11.5 mln but failed to report this income to the Tax Authority. The state prosecutor alleged that the four business partners set up a spiderweb of companies and bank accounts in Israel, Georgia, Switzerland and Guernsey which they used to receive income from Georgia’s Defense Ministry, divvy it up among themselves, and hide it from Israel’s Tax Authority”, - reads the article.