26 February 2021,   14:31
Biden to buy 200 mln more doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and have almost every American inoculated

Joe Biden administration plans to buy 100 million more doses each of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in order to vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of summer, he announced.

That’s nearly the entire U.S. population, which is officially estimated at 329 million - and therefore well over the 80% estimated to be the point at which there will be herd immunity.

“The biggest problem, I hope you’re all asking me by the end of summer is that you have too much vaccine leftover”, - said Biden.

He added that his appearance that the vaccine program “is in worse shape than we anticipated or expected” when taking it over less than a week ago from Donald Trump’s team.

"We want to give credit to everyone involved in this vaccine effort and the prior administration and the science community and the medical sphere. That credit is absolutely due… Co-operation during the transition only came at the end. Once we arrived, a vaccine program is in worse shape than we anticipated or expected. My administration will increase the supply of vaccines to states, tribes and territories from 8.6 million doses to a minimum of 10 mln doses. Starting next week, that’s an increase of 1.4 mln doses per week”, - said Biden.