24 January 2022,   17:35
Kakha Kaladze presents District Governors of Tbilisi

I want to introduce the heads of the district boards of our city to the public. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“Tomorrow, I and my team members will be present before the Tbilisi City Council, and after the approval of the candidates by the City Council, we will start working on full scale, implementing the pre-election projects.

I am sure, our joint activities will be successful. I am sure you will do everything with me to serve the interests of Tbilisi and the people of Tbilisi so that we can really bring more life to all districts during these 4 years”, - added Kakha Kaladze.

Candidates for the district boards:

Saburtalo District - Gaioz Vasadze;
Mtatsminda district - David Kirkitadze;
Krtsanisi - Beka Mikautadze;
Vake - David Kvinikadze;
Gldani - Levan Naroushvili;
Samgori - Kakha Samkharadze;
Chugureti - David Utmelidze;
Didube - Vladimer Dzneladze;
Isani - Nikoloz Elisashvili;
Nadzaladevi - Irakli Andghuladze.