25 May 2022,   20:38
Record number of Omicron cases and new decisions of Coordination Council

For the first time during the pandemic, a record - 15,762 - confirmed cases were identified. The Coordination Council identified the risks and made some decisions.

The 200-GEL incentive for vaccinating persons over 50 will continue in February, with 100 GEL to be awarded for booster doses among the same age group.

During today’s meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council the country’s epidemiological situation was discussed. It was emphasized that, despite rising infection rates, the workload of the hospital sector is not growing on the account of the Omicron variant being considerably milder. According to specialists, however, the risks are still quite high, especially among older age groups and persons with chronic diseases, the reason why vaccination and booster doses administered to those fully vaccinated are crucially important.

The Health Ministry continues its active operations across the country in order to ensure maximal geographic access to the vaccine.

The Interagency Coordination Council once again urges citizens to wear facemasks, maintain social distancing, and avoid crowded gatherings, also to stay at home if symptoms develop.

In addition, the resources of online clinics are growing to provide patients with milder cases treating at home with easy access to doctor consultations.