28 November 2022,   22:37
Interagency Coordination Council rules to ease COVID regulations from March 1

The Interagency Coordination Council decided to ease the current COVID regulations on the grounds of the analysis of the current epidemic situation in Georgia.

In particular, the Interagency Coordination Council has ruled:

- To let 50% of the spectators admitted at the Rugby Game scheduled between Georgia and Russia on February 27, 2022;
- Any citizen of a foreign country will be admitted through the air, land and marine borders of Georgia from March 1, 2022, provided they are fully vaccinated or have a negative PCR test results (valid for 72 hours) with no obligation to get re-tested on the third day - if not vaccinated. So-called country locks are removed;
- Citizens of Georgia (a) with a negative PCR test result with no obligation to get re-tested on the third day; (b) with an obligation to stay in self-isolation for 5 days instead of 8, if no PCR test is presented at the border;
- By taking into account the eased regulations, applications of business visitors, work from Georgia and students are deemed void;
- 15 individuals will be allowed to sit around a table outdoors at eateries, instead of 10;
- 10 individuals will be allowed to sit around a table indoors at eateries, instead of 6;
- Restriction on the maximum number of visitors is deemed void;
- Social gatherings (parties like jubilees, weddings, funerals) will be allowed with the above principle - 10 individuals around a table indoors and 15 - outdoors;
- Quarantine spaces, i.e. so-called COVID Hotels - will be voided from March 1, 2022. Admission of infected individuals to such places will be terminated from today;
- Obligation to run a thermal screening and record-keeping gets voided;
- Obligation to have a disinfection floor mats gets voided;
- Restriction on the catering at canteens is removed;
- Operation of nightclubs gets permitted from March 4, 2022, provided 60% of the overall space gets occupied by admitted visitors;
- Conferences, seminars and trainings will be permitted without restrictions from March 15, 2022.

The Coordination Council will gather for regular meetings once in a fortnight, instead of weekly meetings.