05 December 2022,   06:37
Mykolaiv zoo asks public to buy tickets to save animals from starvation

Mykolaiv zoo asks public to buy tickets online to save animals from starvation. The southern city has been under attack for days. Volodymyr Topchyi, director of the Zoo, says that the menagerie was closed to visitors on February 25, the second day after Russia’s invasion and now keeping the zoo going under martial law is difficult.

For a relatively long time, the institution did not ask for help, but the situation is now deteriorating - animal nutrition has decreased by 35% compared to pre-war times.

Today, anyone can become a philanthropist by "going" to the zoo. The funds accumulated from the tickets will be spent on food for the animals. You can make a charitable contribution by purchasing a ticket on the website by following the link. The cost is from 25 to 100 hryvnias. The director of the zoo also provided bank details for those who wish to help the zoo:

КУ Миколаївський зоопарк

ЕДРПОУ 02219760
Благодійний рахунок
В Миколаївське РУ "Приватбанк"
МФО 305299