05 December 2022,   05:09
Tear down this wall - Ukraine’s Zelensky’s emotional appeal to Germany

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Germany in an emotional video address before parliament Thursday to help destroy a new “Wall” Russia was erecting in Europe, writes ndtv.com.

“It’s not a Berlin Wall - it is a Wall in central Europe between freedom and bondage and this Wall is growing bigger with every bomb”, - dropped on Ukraine, Zelensky told MPs.

Appearing on a screen in his now trademark khaki t-shirt with dark rings under his eyes, Zelensky was welcomed by MPs in the Bundestag lower house with a standing ovation.

In a speech steeped in historical imagery from Germany’s triumph over its Cold War division, Zelensky addressed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz directly with a call for greater solidarity with Ukraine.

“Dear Mr Scholz, tear down this Wall”, - he implored, evoking US President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 appeal in Berlin.

“Give Germany the leadership role that you in Germany deserve”.

However he coupled his flattery with a strong rebuke of Berlin’s years-long reluctance to stand up to Moscow and sever its strong energy and business ties with Russia.

“We turned to you. We told you that Nord Stream (gas pipelines) was a kind of preparation for the war. And the answer we got was purely economic - it is economy, economy, economy but that was the mortar for the new Wall”, - he said.