05 July 2022,   00:46
Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 3 people for drug crimes in Tbilisi

The officers of Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained M.B. (DoB 1993) and previously convicted N.B. (DoB 1996), as a result of investigative activities carried out at different times. The mentioned persons were arrested on charges of illegal planting and cultivation of a plant containing a large amount of drugs, as well as illegal purchase and storage of drugs.

Law enforcement officers seized “marijuana” in especially large quantities and equipment for cultivating a plant containing narcotics as evidence during the search activities held in MB’s apartment following the relevant court decision.

The officers of Isani-Samgori Police Main Division of the same department arrested D.G. (DoB 2000) in Tbilisi on charges of sowing and cultivating a large amount of drugs-containing plant.

During the personal search of D.G. near one of the buildings in the III micro-district of Varketili, the law enforcers seized 45 packages of marijuana as evidence. During the search of the detainee"s apartment, 6 cannabis roots and special cabin, aimed for cultivating drug-containing plant were also seized.

The crime envisions from 4 to 12 years of imprisonment.

The investigation is underway under Articles 260 and 265 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.