05 October 2022,   05:17
Members of the Lavasogli criminal gang detained in Warsaw

Gathering of the so-called “thieves in law” in the capital of Poland ended with a special operation. The so-called “thieves in law” who arrived in Warsaw ran away from the meeting place, although the law enforcers managed to arrest four influential criminal authorities.

The detainees are members of the criminal gang of Mindia Goradze, also known as Lavasogli - Ramaz Jincharadze, Aleko Pavliashvili, Sulkhan Tvalchrelidze and Mamuka Kvizhinadze. Lavasogli himself managed to escape from the scene.

A total of 35 “thieves in law” came to the gathering of thieves in Warsaw. According to the existing information, the criminal authorities had planned to resolve the conflict between the clans at this meeting.