18 April 2024,   08:06
Georgia, as a transit country, is of great importance for Armenia in terms of reliable and safe supply of energy resources, communications, telecommunications - Nikol Pashinyan

Georgia, as a transit country, is of great importance for Armenia in terms of reliable and safe supply of energy resources, communications, telecommunications. Such a statement made the Prime Minister of Armenia during his speech at the official opening ceremony of the new road bridge on the Debeda River near the Georgian-Armenian border.

“I am glad to welcome all of you at the event on the occasion of the commissioning of this bridge, which marks the close and diversified Armenian-Georgian cooperation.

Undoubtedly, the centuries-old ties between our two fraternal countries, based on common values and historical heritage, need such an important, relevant and up-to-date infrastructure that creates a solid foundation for our further broad cooperation.

I am more than convinced that today there are all the necessary prerequisites for the development and deepening of relations with fraternal Georgia in accordance with the priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia.

Dear attendees, considerable growth has been recorded in the Armenian-Georgian trade and economic relations under the conditions of the current most difficult challenges. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that the trade turnover increased by 97% compared to the same period last year.

Of course, in previous years, in the post-COVID year, the base was not that big, but in any case, this is a very impressive figure, which, I think, is the result of the implementation of joint and consistent work. Against the backdrop of our intense relationship, when we look back and see the numbers to witness such positive trends, it certainly motivates us to try and make our intense relationship even more extensive.

The Armenian-Georgian trade and economic relations have even greater potential and this is what I mean: we must be able to use this potential through our work. There are serious opportunities for deepening cooperation in industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, ICT, transport, energy, tourism and other areas. Obviously, communication channels are of key importance for the development of trade and economic relations, which make it possible to integrate into the world economy, establish and maintain vital ties at the national, regional and international levels.

The priority of the transport sector in the framework of our bilateral cooperation and interaction within a number of international transport structures allow us to take real steps not only along the Persian Gulf-Black Sea international transport corridor, but also on other initiatives that provide a key link in the transport sector. I hope that the involvement of those who have already shown interest and other interested parties will contribute to regional long-term cooperation through more active work, coordination and implementation of the agreements reached.

I must note with satisfaction that regular passenger transportation between Armenia and Georgia is carried out both by land and by air. With regard to cargo transportation, additional efforts and continuous joint work are needed to ensure their easier movement. In this context, I also want to emphasize the importance of railway transport cooperation and the expansion of multimodal, in particular, ferry transportation.

Georgia, as a transit country for Armenia, is of great importance in terms of reliable and secure supply in terms of energy resources, communications and telecommunications. We have extensive experience in effective cooperation in the energy sector. Relevant departments and structures should carry out daily and consistent work in the direction of both the noted areas and in terms of ensuring cybersecurity.

I should note that it is necessary to develop cross-border cooperation between the two countries, which has brought tangible benefits in terms of the implementation of preventive measures, especially during the pandemic.

It is important for our two countries to expand cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian spheres. We must continue to make efforts in the field of tourism by offering joint travel packages for visitors to Armenia and Georgia.

As for interregional and decentralized cooperation between Armenia and Georgia, I should note that it has quite a lot of opportunities for development. It is necessary to consider the possibility of involving international structures in various cross-border cooperation programs.

No less important is the development of further cooperation in the areas of environmental protection, labor and employment, education and science, sports and youth. It is necessary to intensify the organization of joint events, to exchange experience.

Dear Mr Prime Minister, dear colleagues, of course, the implementation of all the above projects requires interdepartmental meetings, active mutual visits and close interpersonal contacts. And from the point of view of ensuring these conditions, it is important to carry out contacts freely and in a simplified manner, which from now on will be facilitated by this structure, this bridge.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the parties involved, financial, design and construction organizations for the implementation of this infrastructure project, which symbolizes the friendship between the two countries, and for effective work. I am confident that these efforts will give an appropriate positive charge to mutually beneficial cooperation in all possible areas and to our bilateral fraternal ties.

I wish all of us further success and new achievements for the benefit of the progress of our nations and the well-being of our people. Thank you and congratulations”, - concluded Nikol Pashinyan.