21 May 2024,   14:04
Nika Melia says that there is a massive outflow of personnel from the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Chairman of the United National Movement talks about the outflow of personnel from the law enforcement structures and states that “the policemen are asked to fulfill so many illegal orders, the employees of the agency prefer to leave the country or go to other services”.

“The force that will come after the change of Government will do everything to ensure that the police fight against criminals and not again against the opponents of the government.

There is so much hopelessness in the country and they are asked to fulfill so many illegal orders that in this jobless country, they leave their jobs on their own, some leave the country and some look for other jobs.

In this country, the oligarch and his former head of security, [Vakhtang] Gomelauri, have created a system, a regime, which is built on this very cornerstone - illegal action and criminal inaction”, - said Nika Melia.