22 May 2024,   04:26
Parliament hosts immigrants

The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee organized a reception dedicated to successful immigrants. The Chair of the Committee, Beka Odisharia addressed the attendees with words of gratitude for their support to the country during the pandemic.

He dwelt on the activity of the Diaspora representatives during the global pandemic and highlighted the support that the Georgian immigrants rendered to our compatriots.

“Today, we host the Diaspora members, professional and successful physicians mostly, residing in the USA and Europe and rendering invaluable aid to our compatriots during the pandemic. The contribution and merit of these people are unsurpassed – none of the greatest economies provided their Diasporas with aid similar to Georgia and I am proud that backed by the Georgian diplomats, our Diaspora manifested an unprecedented attitude toward its compatriots in need. We were deprived of the opportunity to engage these people from various world countries, though I now give my pledge to each of them that Georgia and the Georgian Parliament will in a dignified manner value their merit. Our dear Diasporas, we are grateful to the fact that you “bring” successful Georgia to your residence area”, - said Beka Odisharia.