24 April 2024,   03:42
David Kezerashvili issues a statement

I have never interfered, nor do I intend to interfere in the future, in determining the agenda of individual opposition parties, reads the statement, issued by the former Minister of Defense David Kezerashvili.

“The world’s attention is drawn today to the heroic struggle of our brother Ukrainian people. They protect not only their own freedom, but also the freedom of the civilized world, including the freedom of Georgia. Therefore, I think it is the duty of all of us to find maximum support for them.

The main priority for me and my friends is for Ukrainians to feel that regardless of how the current government of Georgia behaves, the Georgian people are on their side. I think it’s my duty to take concrete steps in this direction.

Perhaps this gave the pro-Russian government of Georgia an additional reason to start a new campaign to discredit me. This campaign does not surprise me and is not news. For many years, the official media, in the style of Russian propaganda, does not hesitate to lie and slander me.

The disappointing news is that some opposition leaders have also joined this campaign. It is my conscious choice not to enter this incomprehensible tangle.

The forces interested in the fate of Georgia have much more important challenges than these narrow party differences. Today it is decided whether Georgia will be an independent, legal, European state or a governorate under the influence of Russia. In this situation, no person with high responsibility has the right to act according to personal goals, emotions, moods.

We are all obliged to see the big picture and act for the country"s interests - in a timely and efficient manner.

Creating disturbances in the opposition spectrum, creating additional centers of tension, fighting against imaginary enemies is irresponsible and will not bring good to our country. This will strengthen [Bidzina] Ivanishvili, Russian influence and prolong the state capture process.

The only thing I considered and still consider my duty is to stand by everyone who is ready to fight against the damaging pro-Russian regime of Georgia. I will stand by them only if they are willing and ready for partnership.

I have never interfered, nor do I intend to interfere in the future, in determining the agenda of individual opposition parties. I have no interest in party politics. However, naturally this does not mean that I will give up the common fight against Ivanishvili"s regime. I want both my opponents and my supporters to know that I do not have any personal or party agenda in Georgian politics.

I am not going to watch from afar the imprisonment of Mikheil Saakashvili, and the director of Mtavari TV Nika Gvaramia. They are political prisoners and I will do everything for their release.

I also have no right not to support the civil society and its activism in the fight against the government captured by Bidzina Ivanishvili.

I continue to support independent media - despite the many hindrances that the government creates against Formula TV and critical Georgian media in general, we will not back down.

TV company Formula with its extraordinary team, under conditions of complete editorial independence, will unconditionally be at the forefront of the fight for the European future of Georgia.

Defamation and attacks will not bring results - the fight for a better future of Georgia is a constant process”, - writes David Kezerashvili.