27 January 2023,   01:40
Minister of Agriculture together with the Chairman of the Adjara Government participated in the tangerine harvesting process

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Otar Shamugia together with the Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara visited the village of Gvara, where they met with the local farmers and participated in the tangerine harvesting process.

“The harvesting and selling citrus fruits has started in Adjara. As we are all well aware, the citrus fruit is an important source of income for a particular part of the population both in Adjara and Guria regions.

We should support the harvesting process and enable all farmers to harvest, store and sell their citrus crop, and get income. Therefore, the headquarter was created to coordinate the aforementioned process. It should be mentioned, that, the government of Adjara made a decision to issue a subsidy.

Up to 20 enterprises receive tangerines for further processing and export, and the harvesting process runs smoothly. We have the same approach with regard to other crop cultures as well, and help farmers to fully harvest their crop and get the appropriate income”, - said Otar Shamugia.