29 September 2023,   08:51
Peace, stability and European integration are our main goals - Maya Bitadze

Against the background that Georgia is not under the umbrella of NATO, unlike other post-Soviet countries, the country is doing a lot to integrate into the European family. Chairwoman of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee, Maia Bitadze, said during her speech at the opening of the 12th session of the Georgia-EU Association Parliamentary Committee.

“Peace and stability are very important for us, as I would like to remind you once again that despite the fact that, unlike other post-Soviet countries, we are not under the umbrella of NATO and are not members of the European Union, we are doing a lot to be a member of the European family.

We are trying to protect ourselves from Russia, which has occupied 20% of our territories, we are trying to protect the internally displaced persons, some of whom live in Russia, and we are also trying to protect the stability and peace that we have for the first time in 15 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is very difficult to find the best way to maintain stability against the backdrop of political turbulence and fake headlines that cover a very large area through the media”, - said Maia Bitadze.