24 April 2024,   04:03
Anti-Corruption Bureau organized a meeting focused on bolstering whistleblower protection mechanisms

The Anti-Corruption Bureau recently organized a meeting focused on bolstering whistleblower protection mechanisms. This working meeting saw participation from representatives of investigative services across various ministries and agencies.

During the meeting, participants shared experiences and outlined future objectives. A key point of discussion centered on the necessity for potential whistleblowers to have access to both legal assistance and psychological consultation. Emphasis was placed on the importance of not only strengthening protection measures for whistleblowers but also on inspiring and counseling them on appropriate actions, with a priority on providing legal support.

A significant outcome of the meeting was the signing of a tripartite memorandum among the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Legal Aid Service, and the Georgian Bar Association. This memorandum is dedicated to reinforcing the mechanisms for protecting whistleblowers.

Under this agreement, the parties committed to collaboratively enhance whistleblower protection measures, ensuring their alignment with European legal standards. The memorandum also includes plans for developing joint approaches to offer free legal and psychological support to whistleblowers. Additionally, the agreement outlines a commitment to ensure that public officials and attorneys involved in these processes receive professional training.