29 February 2024,   03:00
Rapper “Kabu” was sentenced to GEL 10 000 bail

Actor and rapper Kakha Abuashvili, also known as “Kabu”, who was detained on charges of violence against woman, threats, and illegal purchase and possession of drugs, was sentenced to a 10,000 GEL bail as a preventive measure.

He will leave the penitentiary after paying the bail.

The Prosecutor"s Office requested the use of the strictest restraining measure for the actor, the lawyer asked to leave him without a restraining measure, and the court offered to use a 5,000 GEL bail as an alternative, and also, if necessary, to use various restrictive measures.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia filed charges against actor Kakha Abuashvili under the first part of Article 126 (beating on grounds of gender discrimination, which caused physical pain to the victim), the first part of Article 151 (threat of harming health on grounds of gender discrimination), and the first part of Article 260 (illegal purchase, storage of narcotic drugs) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.