29 February 2024,   12:12
The country will not be destroyed if the opposition and NGOs are not involved in the fulfilment of these 9 points - Kobakhidze

The country will not be destroyed if the opposition and non-governmental organizations are not involved in these 9 points. Such a statement made today the Chairman of the Georgian Dream Chairman.

“The action plan has been prepared and sent to the European Commission. As for inclusiveness, this document itself, the action plan itself, provides for it. Each point is written in this spirit and it is indicated in each case that the processes will be conducted in an inclusive manner, the participation of parliamentary political parties, as well as representatives of the NGO sector, will be ensured.

We have made several relevant public offers, both to parties and to non-governmental organizations. Let’s see what the actual engagement will be like. You saw that we managed to get the candidate status unilaterally, without any involvement of them. The country will not be destroyed if they do not participate in the implementation of these 9 points. Our country will still move forward, however, of course, it would be better if all subjects follow the requirements of the EU and get involved in the processes that are related to the fulfillment of the conditions presented by the European Union.

So the work will continue. Perhaps, we will have to go to the next stage alone, open negotiations, etc. Unfortunately, we do not have much hope for the opposition. Past experience does not give us a reason for optimism. In all cases, whether the opposition will be involved or not, we will still move to the next stage, 9 priorities will be fulfilled, as we managed to work and then get candidate status, we will also be able to continue this work process”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.