01 March 2024,   21:31
Within the framework of the campaign “Our Voice for Europe”, Salome Zourabichvili meets the representatives of ethnic minorities

Within the framework of the campaign “Our Voice for Europe”, the President of Georgia met with the representatives of ethnic minorities in the Orbeliani Palace.

In her welcoming speech, Salome Zourabichvili focused on the importance of tolerance and noted that tolerance has always been a hallmark of Georgia and the Caucasus.

“I am glad to have you here. I thought it was and is very important that this campaign – “Our Voice for Europe”, which will end on December 15, was a complete campaign that included citizens of all origins in Georgia. Europe is citizenship. A citizen does not have a nationality, or rather a citizen has an ethnic origin, religious beliefs, roots and is a complete citizen in every way with all these features.

Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and live completely in a European-type state. Georgia has always provided this opportunity and is still providing it today. With this, Georgia was European and will be European. In the culture of Georgia, this value has always been very important, that everyone should have the opportunity to preserve and develop their identity, their language, their beliefs. With this, we, together with you, and you together with us, send our voice to Europe that this is the foundation on which we want the future state to be built.

We will enter the EU together, it will happen, this is the only real prospect for our country to develop peacefully and receive all the prosperity that Europe brings. First, let’s get the freedom and strengthen the freedom that will allow all of us individually to be even more successful. I want to wish you all to live in the Georgia of tomorrow”, - said the President.