18 June 2024,   23:52
SIS exposed 14 persons for disclosure of personal secrets - files depicting the minors’ personal lives have been removed

The Special Investigation Service exposed 14 persons and arrested 5 of them for disclosure of the secrets of personal life cases in the current period of 2023.

The employees of the Special Investigation Service arrested L. Sh. (born in 1995) on the violation of the privacy of juvenile girls’ private life.

The investigation established that the defendant (living in Tsalka Municipality) created a fake internet account and communicated with three minor girls in May and September 2023. The accused person gained the trust of the minors and forced them to take and forward intimate photos /videos by deception and coercion. He publicly posted intimate photos sent by two minor victims on his fake social network page. In this way, the victims were forced to take and send additional intimate photo/video materials.

As a result of investigative activities, the Special Investigative Service arrested the accused L.Sh., and charged with disclosure of personal secrets on gender intolerance. The crime shall be punished by imprisonment for up to 8 years.

The Special Investigation Service opened another case of disclosure of the personal secrets of the minor victim and exposed 3 persons in the crime.

The investigation established that in July 2023, in the Samegrelo Region, a schoolgirl sent her intimate content photos and videos to a 14-year-old boy via Facebook Messenger, who shared the material with his two friends.