20 June 2024,   10:02
May 17, 2024 declared a holiday in connection with the Day of Family Purity and Respect for Parents

Friday, May 17, Georgia will observe a new holiday dedicated to the Day of Family Purity and Respect for Parents.

The holiday applies primarily to employees of administrative bodies as defined by the General Administrative Code of Georgia.

According to the order of Government, the administrative bodies are allowed to identify specific services and employees to whom the holiday will not apply. This exemption is intended for roles essential to state power and the normal functioning of society, ensuring these critical functions remain uninterrupted.

The decision explicitly excludes certain financial and procurement activities. It does not apply to financial obligations related to individuals under the supervision of the National Bank of Georgia and the activities related to state procurement, as outlined in the Law of Georgia On State Procurement.

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, signed the resolution on May 15, and it took effect immediately upon its publication.