25 June 2024,   06:57
Alexander Kvitashvili to become Healthcare Minister of Ukraine

Sandro Kvitashvili will be appointed as Health Minister of Ukraine. Information that the President spread yesterday, has been confirmed  by the Embassy.

According to Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Ukleba, Sandro Kvitashvili who has been an adviser to the Ministry of Health is appointed  to the position of the Minister.

Ukleba said that Ukrainian government is planning the appointment of several other foreigners.

Alexander Kvitashvil  took over the post of Minister of Health of Ukraine. Recently the legislative body has approved a new government, comprising 17 members one of whom is the former Georgian Minister.

Together with the post Kvitashvili received Ukrainian citizenship.

 Alexander Kvitashvili candidacy was presented to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by  Petro Poroshenko’s block. Former Minister of Health had no rival in the Ukraine"s ruling coalition.

Besides Alexander Kvitashvili, the Ukrainian government  is also considering Eka Zghuladze’s candidacy for the position of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs