20 September 2020,   21:35
Media freedom and Rustavi 2 - OSCE experts met with members of parliamentary opposition

OSCE experts on media freedom are holding official meetings in Tbilisi. They have already met with the civil sector, the parliamentary opposition and the majority. The meeting was attended by members of the National Movement as well as representatives of the European Georgia and Alliance of Patriots. Discussions focused on the issue of media freedom and the developments around Rustavi 2.

"We have informed the experts on what the situation is today. In fact, by the decision of Strasbourg we temporarily rescued the government from its own purposes. We will also talk about the serious threat of the Russian propaganda and that the current government does nothing to hinder it and, on the contrary, often helps different channels working on Russian propaganda in our country, "- Salome Samadashvili said.

Irma Inashvili, a member of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia, said that if the Media Ombudsman Institute is created, the Ombudsman should be elected by journalists and not the government.

"I have emphasized that the media is much more free than it was in the era of Saakashvili`s regime," Inashvili said.

Representatives of the OSCE High Commission on Media Issues are at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at the moment and are holding a meeting with the Minister Mikheil Janelidze. The main topic of the conversation is the media environment.