12 August 2020,   11:20
Energy Minister meets with population of four villages of Khando Gorge

Kakhi Kaladze has been having a meeting with population of four villages of Khando Gorge in the Ministry of Energy for one hour already. Locals protested construction of high voltage transmission lines in the valley. The Minister is meeting with the locals for the first time.

Before the meeting, participants said that meeting with the Ministry was necessary for peaceful resolution of the problem, but due to yesterday`s statement of the Minister of Energy, they did not have the hope of their opinion taken into consideration.

They say that despite the need for large expenditures, the government should do so by considering public opinion. They demand alignment of alternative territories where construction of high power transmission lines will be carried out.

Members of the self-government are also attending the meeting with the Vice Prime Minister. Before the meeting, they explained that it is necessary to protect the security of the locals and share the position of the parties.