14 July 2024,   09:36
Hunting for lands in Vake, Otar Partskhaladze and Egyptian investor

An Egyptian investor can not return back his 15 thousand square meters of land in Vake. He suspects that the company that fraudulently acquired the territory is protected by high-ranking government officials.

According to the investigation it was established that the land in Vake owned by businessman, Sameh Rafaat Avad Habibi was re-registered using the false documents in the name of Nino Kurashvili and her husband Irakli Kurashvili and head of the fraudulent group Zoya Chkhaidze and then the land for sold for three million dollars. The court found all three defendants guilty. Two of them were sentenced to 9 years of inprisonment and one is still wanted, but the Egyptian investor was not given back his land.

The deprivation of the multimillion-dollar property belonging to the Egyptian investor started from the House of Justice. Here, the fraudulent group members presented the false power of attorney printed in Tbilisi stating that Sameh Habib gave them the right to dispose of the land in Mziuri. The power of attorney is written with a number of violations and the document is not certified by Apostille. Despite all that , the Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice registerd the land for the swindlers group.

When asked wh the registry did not check the authenticity of the documents, the public registry refused to give interview and presented a written explanation saying that the registry is not obliged to examine the authenticity of the submitted documents. The Egyptian investor`s attorney says that the persons who had interests in the land were likely to be influential, and the registry did not only accept the counterfeit documents, but the law enforcement agencies tried to do as much as possible to protect the perpetrators.

According to the Public Registry, the company has five owners, two of them Giorgi Gvelesiani and Temur Ustiashvili are one of the biggest donors of the ruling Georgian Dream. Gvelesiani and Ustiashvili also own shares in the GT Group, which receives millions of Lari from the government.

Transparency International Georgia`s data base shows that since 2012 the Gvalesiani-Ustiashvili company has won 108 tender and the state has more than 350 agreements with them. We asked the Ameri development about this suspicious coincidence.

There is another detail - Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream faction, has been defending the interests of the Ameri development since 2015 until entering the parliament.

Zaza Khatiashvili, president of the Bar Association, says that the case is so scandalous that he has sent the letters to the whole government and requested to react, but received no answer, which is more suspicious.