26 October 2021,   06:23
Opposition accuses government of inactivity against Russia"s occupation

Representatives of the opposition comment on creeping occupation and losing 10 hectares of land in Bershumi. Opponents of the ruling team call on the government to have a planned policy towards Russia .


" Pressure on Russia has been removed by international organizations and they do not pay any price for these provocations. One day they kidnap Georgian citizen , another day move Georgian border for 500 meters. They know, that Georgian government will do nothing about it,"- said Grigol Vashadze, member of United National Movement.

Elene Khoshtaria, member of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia", states that Russian occupation has become a common issue that is unacceptable.

"Of course we can not change Russia, but it needs to be eliminated and it can be prevented with many active steps inside or outside the country,"- said Elene Khoshtaria.

Nino Burjanadze, a Chairperson of the Democratic Movement states that she condemns occupation and accuses Georgian authorities.
" Georgian government can not afford to suspend this process. They will not be able to do it, because they are afraid to have a direct contact and protect interests of the country, "Nino Burjanadze said.

According to government officials, the ruling team is doing everything to ensure that the issue of Georgia is an advanced topic. The ruling team believes that the government"s reaction to Russia"s steps is adequate.