14 July 2024,   08:58
The son of Zurab Neparidze gives first comments to Rustavi 2

Zurab Naparidze`s children does not openly speak about the corrupt allegations against his father with mediaTbilisi Sakrebulo deputy.

The son of the lawmaker Zurab Neparidze spoke for the first with Rustavi 2after the court and noted that he was waiting for the investigation to be completed. And he did not confirm the testimony given against his father .

The MP`s daughter , Elene Nefaridze, does not confirm the information that her brother has testified against his father.

Elene Nefaridze says that the testimony given by her brother`s girl friend againgt Neparidze she heard as a rumor. However, she confirms that Mariam Lomidze worked in the MP"s bureau.

The defense side is preparing to appeal the verdict issued by the City Court.