12 August 2022,   18:54
Registration is over - 18 political subjects presented electoral list to the CEC
All parties participating in the self-governance elections have been presented at the Central Election Commission.18 election subjects appealed with their election list to the CEC on the last day of registration.
Archil Talakvadze, one of the leaders of "Georgian Dream" brought the list of 91 members at the end of last day. Kakha Kaladze, the mayoral candidate of "Georgian Dream" named the top ten.
An hour before the expiration of the deadline UNM named the 50-member list. Nika Melia will head the li party list.
Goka Gabashvili has arrived to the CEC from "European Georgia" with the Mayoral candidate. Reportedly, other candidates will be selected as a result of interparty voting only after elections.
The list of Labor Party was delivered by the leader of the youth organization and number one of the list.