25 January 2022,   02:47
"The president calls upon the government to consider one of the opposition`s issues, along with four other issues" - Abashishvili

The ruling team agreed with the Venice Commission that, besides the bonuses and blocks, additional constitutional amendments will be introduced. The President`s administration responded to this issue.

According to Giorgi Abashishvili, if the ruling team gives up its position regarding the majoritarian system and the system will be abolished from 2020, the president will add additional amendments to the veto.

"The president is ready for consultations before the time is still left. Yesterday the authorities were saying that two issues were taken into consideration today that four issues should be considered instead of two. The President is ready to consider all four issues of the ruling team added one more question that the opposition speaks about The President calls upon the government to consider one of the issues of the opposition, along with four issues of their interest, "- Giorgi Abashishvili said.