28 January 2022,   23:06
Apparently, the task is todisorient the voter- Leadership Council speaks about violations

14 Non-parliamentary opposition parties will observe the election process and the violations revealed during the whole day. Members of the Leadership Board have already made a statement about the violations revealed in the election process several minutes ago.

Bachuki Kardava, Chairperson of the National Democratic Party of Georgia declares that their representatives oare present in different PECs.

"They create such a mood that they control everything ... In these activities, special services are trying to put pressure on the members of the commission," -Bachuki Kardava said.

Paata Davitaia, the chairperson of the "Georgian Democrats of Georgia" states that the pictures are sent depicting the number that the voters circle.
Giorgi Vashadze, notes that in some cases the PEC does not help the voter to find himself in the list.

"It seems that the task is to disorient the voters," said Giorgi Vashadze.