24 January 2022,   08:45
" It is acceptable to mobilize special forces for prevention, "- Candidate of Georgian Dream in Marneuli


" This is done for prevention,"- The candidate of Georgian Dream speaks about the mobilization of special forces in Marneuli.
Teimuraz Abazov states that there is no tension in Marneuli.
" I think that this is for prevention. Ar this moment nothing is expected, However, these actions are acceptable for prevention," Teimuraz Abazov said.

Teimuraz Abazov has criticized the opponents for misinformation.

Iakob Asanidze, the Chairman of the Marneuli # 22 DEC does not see the need to mobilize the riot police in Marneuli.

According to Iacob Asanidze, the voter turnout for the region amounts to 30 %