07 December 2021,   10:45
"Who said Megrelian people are lazy" - Mamuka Mdinaradze and Lela Keburia`s debate in parliament

At the parliament session, debates were held on the mechanisms of fight against Asian stink bug. "European Georgia" noted that the population of Samegrelo can not cope with insects and the government is responsible for that.

"Samegrelo population will not be able to engage in the fight against the pest, not because the people of Megrelian are as lazy as you say, but because they do not have the resources to fight the pests." If the government does not support the population, this problem Iwill be much more global, "- said Lela Keburia.

According to the "Georgian Dream", the Ministry of Agriculture has done an important and unprecedented in the fight against pest. Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairperson of the faction replied to Lela Keburia that she should apologize or name the person who said that the Megrelian people are lazy.

"The Ministry of Agriculture has done a great job, which is unprecedented not just for Georgia, but in those countries who are fighting against this very big problem. Some results have been achieved in Georgia, which will also be developed and will be progressive. Mrs. Lela, who said that the Megrelian people are lazy? You should apologize to the majority, the citizens and especially to the Mrgrelians or you should indicate the person who said this, "- Mamuka Mdinaradze said.