30 November 2021,   04:01
GEL devaluation and economic situation in the country- debates were held in Parliament

Debates on the economic situation in the country and GEL exchange rate were held in the parliament. According to the opposition members, the depreciation of the national currency is the result of the wrong economic policy of the government.

The "National Movement", they said that during their stay in power,GEL had always
strenthened during the autumn and New Year, which is not hapenning now.

"IThey say that this is connected with the new year or other seasonal factors. But why did not this seasonal factor affect the rate in the nine years, why was it the opposite then and the autumn was the period when the lari was always istrengthened? The main factor of the depreciation of GEL is the Ministry of Finance of Georgia and the government`s unwise actions in general. Today, 650 mln from the Treasury is lodged in commercial banks, "- said Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the National Movement.

Opposition members say that the only way to get out of the hard economic situation is to reduce taxes.