12 August 2022,   16:28
" History does not remember any problem solved with Russia"s involvement," - Theologians are sceptical about dialogue on Abkhazian Church

The Georgian theologians respond to the initiative of the Russian Patriarch Kirill"s representative about creating a working group for cooperation on Abkhazia.

The theologians" opinion about this issue is divided into two. Theologian Lado Narsia thinks that by this initiative Russia wants to promote its interests and to use the Georgian Church in this dialogue.

" We can not talk about solving the problem here. History does not remember any problem solved with Russia"s involvement. Russia only plays with rules that protect its interests, "- says Lado Narsia , adding that the meeting should not be held only with the participation of the Russian Church delegation and the representatives of other churches should participate in it.

Levan Abashidze has different opinions. Theologian says that while the Russian Church does not recognize the independence of Abkhazian and so-called South Ossetian churches, Georgian side should use this occasion.

The Georgian Patriarchate has not yet made any explanation about this issue.