06 December 2021,   21:40
In 2016 Giorgi Badashvili received supplement 29 times -new salary policy

The revenue of the former chief prosecutor is once again the cause of political accusations. Giorgi Badashvili received supplement 29 times totaling to GEL 121,000, in 2016 for his work as head of the Investigative Service. The salary from this amount is 35 thousand 400 GEL and the supplement is almost 86 thousand GEL.

Reginfo`s study of supplements in law enforcement agencies revealed that Giorgi Badashvili received far more compensation than the Chief Prosecutor in the Investigative Service.

The law on which the Economy Minister speaks has been the reason for political accusations from the opposition.

The UNM states that the government is preparing to make changes to the Civil Service Law, according to which new payroll policies are defined for public agencies.

Reginfo also wrote a few months ago that Badashvili`s father, Nugzar Badashvili, who was employed in the state enterprises and since 2012 in the Georgian Railways , has registered 28 land plots of over 227 thousand square meters in the village of Manavi last year.