04 July 2022,   04:34
Giorgi Rokva denies fact of disappearance and pressure

Giorgi Rokva, who has been disappeared for two days, denies the fact of pressure and kidnapping from the ruling team. After questioning Giorgi Rokva told journalists, that the spread information that he has confrontation with the candidate of "Georgian Dream" is not true .

The authenticity of the short text messages is not confirmed yet. In addition, Giorgi Rokva says that he does not represent Ozurgeti independent Mayoral candidate, Kote Sharashenidze. He said that he participated in the self-government elections on behalf of "European Georgia" on October 21 and fought for majoritarian elections.

Giorgi Rokva was questioned in Kharagauli police department for two hours.

"I was out of town with my friends. As for the information about kidnapping and so on, it does not correspond to the truth. Mr. Beghlar"s statement was widely spead. There also was nformation about pressure, intimidation and kidnapping. I was running for in the elections as a majoritarian candidate for "European Georgia". Therefore, I am not a representative of any other party, "- he said.

Konstantine Sharashenidze, independent candidate of the Ozurgeti mayor responded to the statement made by Giorgi Rokha.

"This is a play, because your televisions have visited the house several times and even his parents did not know where he was. I can say one thing that this person starting from October 22 was every day in our headquarters, so you can address the prosecutor"s office o using the video materials and evidence of his torture, "- said Sharashenidze.